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Traveling With Friends!

Rarely do we travel with friends on the road….but we got the opportunity to caravan with Aaron and Tina at JonesN2Travel from Indiana through the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota.  Aaron and Tina had some maintenance work needed on their DRV Fullhouse and since we were staying at the factory they decided to have the work done there and tag along with us into Michigan.

Aaron and Tina have become family and we were thrilled that they wanted to tag along on our journey north.  Besides, they just purchased their new-to-them HDT RV Hauler and wanted to put it to the test with us! 

We got the opportunity to travel into the “mitten” of Michigan and stayed at a very nice Casino RV park in Manistee, Michigan.  While there we sampled some of the local brewery creations and got a chance to see Lake Michigan and the wonderful beaches and sunsets that this Great Lake has to offer.

Kellie had her (29th again) birthday and it was so much fun celebrating it with good friends – they really made it special!  Kellie shares one of her favorite recipes with halibut that Aaron and Tina brought back from Alaska.  You can see the recipe HERE.

All-in-all we had an amazing time in Manistee with our good friends and are excited to venture further north with them!

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