Travel Day

We left south Texas Saturday morning and headed north.  The weather was supposed to be hot on Saturday so we got up early and tried to beat the heat.  For the most part we were successful….we left the park around 9:00 am but it was still 78 degrees with a steady wind.

We left the valley a little sad.  We sure enjoyed our time visiting with our new friends and thoroughly enjoyed the area….we will be back!  As we left town we noticed a few fruit stands on the side of the road selling oranges, grapefruits and water melons, but we didn’t stop since we really didn’t have any room to store more food.  The roads out of the valley were good and we were able to cruise along at 65 mph while watching everyone pass us since the posted speed is 75.  We made good time to San Antonio but were reminded of city traffic even though it was a Saturday.  The GPS took us into the city to interchange from I-37 to I-10….yikes!  We exited and immediately made a hard right turn.  It was such a sharp turn we almost missed it.  I’m sure the locals were checking our out of state license plates and saying a few words under their breath – didn’t hear any horns though!

We exited I-10 onto a state highway which took us into the “hill country”.  Winding roads like a roller coaster revealed some large homes in the area.  We don’t know where they get their money around here but there sure seems to be a lot of it.  We can’t seem to figure out why the video below won’t play, but the picture gives an idea of the countryside.

We arrived at our Thousand Trails campground around 3:00 pm and found a nice site with 50 amp electrical so we could use both air conditioners if necessary.  It was 80 degrees when we arrived and the motor home next to us was complaining about how hot it was!

We made our way into town yesterday and found a church we wanted to attend.  Oak Hills Church is what we would consider a mega-church.  The campus was huge with multiple buildings and police officers directing traffic in and out of the parking lot.  They have a congregation of 10,000 people and offer 3 services on Sunday and one on Saturday night.  We really enjoyed the service and worship was outstanding!  Kellie was really excited since their Senior Pastor is Max Lucado who is a christian author that she is familiar with.  Since we were in town we found Costco and Walmart so we could supplement our groceries for the week and headed back to the RV.

We’ve been trying to walk in the evenings after it cools down.  This allows us to get the dogs some exercise and meet people in the area.  We plan to stay here for 5 days before heading further north.  We’ve got a few more issues with the RV that need work and are waiting to hear if we can get an appointment in Oklahoma in the next 2 or 3 weeks.