Thousand Trails

While on the road there is always the decision of where to stay the night.  We have tried most….from ultra nice RV parks to “boondocking” at Walmart or Cabelas.

Last year we took the chance to join Thousand Trails.  This is a membership based organization that charges you a yearly fee and allows you to stay at their member parks without charging a nightly fee. It’s not a bad deal but as we discovered you need to do your research to see if their campgrounds align with your travel plans.  Our membership included Texas, which is where we are currently visiting.  There are seven Thousand Trails parks in Texas and we were able to adjust our plans to stay in a few and are currently south of Dallas/Ft. Worth at Lake Whitney.

Lake Whitney is a nice enough park with plenty of space between the sites and numerous trees.  They have hiking trails, a pool and hot tub, playground, tennis courts, horse shoe pits and volleyball.  All have club houses that offer wifi and usually laundry facilities.

The problem we have found with Thousand Trails is that they are far from major metropolitan areas requiring a significant drive to shop or see the sights.  That was probably the plan when they developed the campgrounds since they derive most of their clientele from the cities, but it really doesn’t appeal to us as we want to sight see the surrounding areas.  The other problem with Thousand Trails facilities is the company has neglected maintenance over the years….and it’s not just a few.  We’ve stayed at Thousand Trails campgrounds in Oregon, Washington and now Texas.  All have been neglected.  Things like over grown campsites, poor electrical service, old and rotting picnic tables and roads that are full of pot holes.

We have got our money’s worth in the last year and Thousand Trails is not a bad deal for a $545 yearly membership, but unless they start putting that money back into the parks we will not be renewing.