Once in a while we find a product or service that we feel is worthy of recommending to our friends and family.  We won’t recommend anything we don’t use ourselves, whether it be an item or a company providing a service.  We feel the following companies have products or services that are worthy of mentioning and some, if not all, have agreed to compensate us for recommending them.  Please feel free to contact us with any comments or suggestions.

Ever wonder how the long haul trucks can afford to purchase their fuel at large truck stops?  Do you ever get tired of trying to fit your big rig into a small fueling station to save yourself 30 cents or more per gallon? We have the solution!  The TSD Logistics card is a debit card that you can use at most major truck stops throughout America. TSD has a fleet discount at the truck stops (Loves, Flying J and Travel America) and passes that fleet discount savings on to you.

Click the link above to download the forms necessary to apply for the program.

If you mention us as your referral, we get a small commission from TSD.

More information on the program here.



They issue you an EFS card.

Pull into the truck line in the back of the store.

Insert your EFS card into the fuel pump.

A prompt will ask for specific information that verifies you as the owner.  You enter the correct information and pump your diesel.

The next day the money is drafted from your bank account and you receive an email showing you the details of the transaction and their fees.

Their fee is 10% of the savings per gallon. So if the retail cost is $3.00 per gallon and their cost is $2.50 per gallon, your fee will be 5 cents per gallon.

If they can’t save you money, you owe them nothing!

There are no long-term contracts to sign and no hidden fees. If you choose to not use the program any longer, simply don’t use the card.

We purchased our solar panels and lithium batteries from Continuous Resources and are very happy with the service and support that Matt and his crew offer.  We are a paying customer with an affiliate relationship with Continuous Resources.

By using the link above we will receive a small commission on your purchase.

Continuous Resources, LLC makes renewable energy more accessible for recreational vehicles, homes and businesses by providing quality solar power system components, including solar panels, solar power inverters, MPPT solar charge controllers and other energy saving products. We believe that their products will not only allow our customers to achieve low cost and reliability of electricity but also help to become better stewards through efficient energy use. Their selection of solar panels, MPPT charge controllers, inverters and generators will help you build a custom power system, whether you are working on an RV Solar Install, off-the-grid home project or want to install it as an additional source of energy. Their flagship line of products — pure sine power inverters — can also be used with other types of electric power sources, like vehicle, truck, RV or boat batteries. These products meet the needs for efficient energy use at home and on the road. Whether you are shopping for solar panels, batteries, inverters, charge controllers or generators…Continuous Resources has got you covered!

Buy and Sell Campground Memberships!

Our same mission for over 20 years has been helping RV’rs find the best campground memberships for the way they travel and for the cheapest prices on the market.

Call us before purchasing ANY campground memberships. Our experts help you choose customized affordable camping resort programs to fit your family’s needs and purchasing a previously owned membership saves you thousands of dollars!

Our staff has over 25 years experience in the Resale Membership Industry and over 40 years experience in the Campground Industry. Our clients have such confidence in us, we have had over 3,000 referral sales in the last 5 years!

As many of you know we have a Thousand Trails VIP membership.  We purchased that membership as a resale from Campground Membership Outlet and can’t say enough good things about their company. 

Kimberly and Chad can save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars on a membership and are some of the most knowledgeable people we know regarding memberships.

If you decide to contact Kimberly or Chad, please mention our name as we get a small referral fee from them.

Click the link above to go to their web site.  If you decide to use their services please use our box number 9407 as a referral.

Ever wonder how full time RVers get their mail while traveling on the road?  Most of us use a “mail forwarding” service and we use Americas Mailbox.  

Not only can you get your mail forwarded on your time schedule and no matter where you are, but Americas Mailbox can handle other full timers headaches such as vehicle registrations and answer questions regarding changing your domicile.

We have been with Americas Mailbox for over a year and are very pleased with their services and customer support.


We use a variety of phone apps and computer programs for trip planning, navigation and reference information.  Listed below are some very useful items that we use.

RV Parky is an RV Park directory built by a full time RV’er with the help of the RV community to help fellow RV’ers on the road. Here you can find information, images, and reviews for the most complete collection of RV Parks and campgrounds in the United States and Canada as well as trip planning.  It is also available in a phone app.

Because we are such a big rig we use this app to find fuel stations as well as check fuel prices along our route.

Trucker Path is America’s most popular app for truckers. Thousands of truckers all over the country use the app to find the closest truck stop, available parking, weigh station information, fuel pricing and truck optimized routing.


We’re often asked where to find information about converting to a large truck tow rig or how we get information about big-rig RVing.  Here is a list of websites, forums and RV communities that we use.

Whether you own a class-A motorhome, a compact travel trailer, or anything in between, your RV is a sophisticated piece of equipment. Its systems and the way you operate your RV are quite different from what you’re used to in a “sticks-and-bricks” home. Escapees leads the industry in educating RVers—from hands-on programs to a wealth of articles, blogs and discussion forums—to help you be confident and safe on the road.

They also have some great big-rig information:

The purpose of FMCA is to organize social activities, exchange RV information, and supply benefits made possible, in part, by collective purchasing. The interest of the Association also extends into the area of political and legislative action. FMCA supports recreation programs and the legal rights of RV owners.

FMCA takes pride in the merit of its many membership benefits, which include a mail forwarding service, an emergency medical evacuation program, international conventions, chapter and area rallies, and a free subscription to Family RVing magazine

One of the greatest benefits of FMCA membership is the opportunity it provides for enjoying the fellowship of friends from all over the country who share a common interest, RVing. The Association is rich in the tradition of FMCA members extending hands of genuine friendship to one another.