Our Channel Growth and Amazon Affiliates

Our Channel Growth and Amazon Affiliates

Hello to all of our family and friends! As many of you know our YouTube channel has grown exponentially in the past few months – more than we ever anticipated! We feel so blessed that there are so many of you that want to follow our journey through this exciting time in our lives.

With that growth we were advised that Amazon would allow us to create our own Amazon Storefront account. What that means is that we “create” a web page within Amazon and we’re able to share our favorite items and RV equipment with anyone that may be interested.  If you use our custom link when you shop through Amazon we get a small referral fee from Amazon for using our link.

The items that are purchased are the regular price you’d pay on Amazon and they credit our affiliate account with a small percentage.  Let’s say you are looking for a coffee maker.  You open the storefront above, enter your item description into the Amazon search bar like you normally would.  If you purchase an item you complete the purchase as you normally would and we get a “credit” for the purchase….it’s that simple!  You don’t do anything different except put our custom link into your browser to start the process.

With our YouTube channel we have monthly costs we accrue to produce our videos as well as the equipment to produce them.  The Amazon referral fees we receive will help offset those costs – and hopefully allow us to produce better videos!  It literally costs you nothing but gives us a little extra to help us produce a better product.  If you’d like to help us out, whenever you go to Amazon use this link:  https://www.amazon.com/shop/SuiteTravels

Thanks for being part of our AMAZING community!

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  1. Frank Van Schoten

    Congratulations!!! We are so excited for you!! Now we have to split our purchases between you and KYD! LOL!! Keep up the great video content. We enjoy watching you. So much good information. Jim, thanks for the advice on the Video Software!

  2. Sandy Harris


  3. Darwin D Beachem

    I just discovered you guys a few weeks ago. It only took about 3-4 videos to realize I should subscribe, so I did. Since then I’ve watched many more of them and even got my wife watching some of them. She likes your travel site videos; I like your more technical type videos. She’s retiring this year. I’m a few years behind her (yes she robbed the cradle) and we (more me than her-sound familiar?) are wanting to dump it all and go Full Time RV after I retire.
    I noticed that on your state visit map, MN is still white. I encourage you to come see the Land of Sky Blue Waters (of course, only from mid May to mid October) in your future travels. And when you do I would love to figure out a time we could meet up and spend a little time connecting, face to face.

    1. Suite Travels

      Hi Darwin. Sounds like an amazing plan! We think our first trip through Minnesota will be this spring. Haven’t planned out the route yet, but will update everyone once we do. We’re so happy you found us and welcome to our community!

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