How Are We Handling The COVID-19 Situation?

How Are We Handling The COVID-19 Situation?

As most of you know we left the warm days of Arizona and are traveling north to visit the midwest and visit some RV manufacturers. We’ve had a few people ask how we’re doing on the road with regard to the COVID-19 virus, so we thought we’d drop a note to update everyone concerning our travels and plans.

Currently we’re living life as we normally would, with the exception that we’re avoiding crowds and making sure our travels don’t enter into areas that local authorities recommend we avoid. We have seen notifications that some states have closed recreation areas (such as New Mexico State Parks), but again, we are avoiding those areas as suggested by authorities.

Living in our RV is similar to being self-quarantined – it brings a new meaning to the phrase “self contained”! When we travel, it’s just the two of us in the vehicle. When we check into a park we make sure we’re leaving at least six feet between ourselves and the representative checking us in. When we get fuel, we pay for it at the pump – avoiding any human contact during the process. When we need to go grocery shopping, we get in and out as fast as possible and avoid mulling around with groups of people. We don’t eat out, so that won’t affect us. We are, as the authorities have suggested, social-distancing.

We will continue to produce our videos as we travel, but will not include anything regarding the virus that has terrorized our country. Thanks for following us on our journey…it really means a lot to us to have a community that cares!

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  1. Jeanne & Alex

    Hey Jim ..Kellie.. My husband Alex and I are glad that you guys are doing OK… We to have to get out in travel …unfortunately for work… We are in the wind energy and we live in South Carolina… Our travels keep us in the mid West and we’re constantly out there… We are hoping one day soon we will be able to do as you guys are doing… I stated in one of your videos that we too have a DRV and a Western star ..hoping to convert it as our hauler …. You guys be careful …hope to see you keep the videos coming…take care…J&A

    1. Suite Travels

      Hello Jeanne and Alex. We definitely need to get together on the road. Would love to see your setup! Be safe and thanks.

  2. Jackie Hayenga

    Stay safe andl continued good health as you continue your adventure. Take care!

    1. Suite Travels

      Thank you so much Jackie. Really appreciate the kind words. Be safe.

  3. Richard van Drunen

    march 22-2020
    Hi Jim&Kelli We are Richard&Yvonne from the Netherlands and we just discovered you guys and we subscribe to see your videos,we are travels 7 months in a year in our RV in Europe we are now at home because we are kicked out of Spain for the Corova virus(Covid19)that is a HUDGE problem this moment in Europe only in Italie the last 2 days 1400people died borders are closed now on this moment,we have just see your awesome videos from Arches np glacier np and your time in Quartzsite and also your awesome westrenstar truck sooooo cool.
    Lots of love Richard&Yvonne van Drunen

    1. Suite Travels

      Thank you so much Richard and Yvonne! We’re so glad you found us – and thank you so much for your kind words. Hopefully you’ll be able to get back on the road again soon. Your travels sound wonderful! Stay safe and thank you again.

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