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HDT = Heavy Duty Truck

Well we finally did it….we purchased an HDT.  After over a year researching, looking and learning we found a truck to suit our needs.  It’s a 2016 Western Star that has been converted to a motorhome.  It has all the bells and whistles you might expect on a newer vehicle and will take some time getting used to.  It has a sleeper, refrigerator, microwave and inverter – as well as 240 gallons of diesel (that’s over 2400 miles of driving without having to fuel!).

Some might ask “why such a big truck?”  Or, “don’t you already have a big truck?”  Since we’re planning on a lengthy time on the road we felt we needed a commuter vehicle.  This truck is set up to haul a Smart car on the bed. We drove a smart while in Dallas and again in Portland.  They are surprisingly comfortable.  Take a look at our YouTube video to see how these cars are loaded and unloaded: