Frustrations On The Road

We’ve been on the road for two years and it hasn’t been all rainbows and unicorns!

We always say that full time RV life isn’t for everyone, but it is for us at this point of our lives.  Full time RV life has it’s challenges, just like if we were still living in our sticks-and-bricks.  Our latest frustration came with some muscular issues and body pain.  We know we’re not getting any younger, which is why we want to travel and see as much as we can while our health allows.  Jim over-did it while cleaning the RV and truck and became stiff and sore over a few days.  After more than a week of soreness it was obvious this wasn’t just normal stiffness and sore muscles, so we called our family doctor and had a virtual appointment via video chat!  The doctor prescribed some muscle relaxers and told him to slow down for a few days, which meant we had to change our travel plans and stay in one place for a few days….again our plans are set in jello!

To compound the situation, our main computer decided to crash.  We’ve had computers crash before, which is why we backup our data regularly, but when you’ve got a YouTube channel the data and software are overwhelming!  We were able to extract the data drive from the broken computer and take it to a technician who sold us an external drive adapter allowing us to connect it to another computer.  Some of our backup files were in the cloud, which meant we had to copy them to another external hard drive to access them.  We finally got our data together but still needed to edit our video….but trying to edit a video on a 7-year old 12″ laptop proved to be challenging.  We were finally able to put a video together, but we’re now in the market for another computer to edit on.

Spring time in Oklahoma brought another challenge.  If you know the American mid-west then you’re aware that when a warm air-mass moves in from the south and clashes with a cold air-mass from the north the sky lights up in a rage.  We were spending some time in Oklahoma and the people we were staying with told us that a major hail storm was forecast and to move all our vehicles inside their shop to avoid damage.  We’ve never seen baseball size hail stones, but we were told it was possible.  Fortunately the storm passed with a lot of lightning and thunder but no major hail.  Just another adventure of full time RV life!

Full time RV life isn’t always frustrating.  We get to travel the country and visit with friends, family and visit different churches along the way.  That is why we love this life.  It can be frustrating at times, but the rewards outweigh the frustrations.  Thanks so much for coming along on our journey.  We’ve made so many new friends along the way and we thank God every day for the blessings that He provides.

If you haven’t seen our latest video on the hail storm and our travels, you can see it HERE.