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RV Mobile Connect was founded by Full-Time RVer’s and Networking experts. We see a need for better than “Just OK” connectivity for those who work from the road.  Whether you’re in an RV Park that is in town or out of town, boondocking, or just passing through, we believe that getting and staying connected is a critical need for us that live and work from our RVs.


After years of firsthand testing, we knew what didn’t work. We quickly discovered that most RV parks’ wifi isn’t really usable for our needs and the RV park would put restrictions on it’s use.  So, we started looking for alternatives.  We used our cell phone as a hotspot, buying MiFi hotspots and moving them from window to window looking for the best signal.  Sometimes we even taped the MiFi device to the “good” window!  We built upon that idea and bought an antenna for our MiFi hot spot and stuck it to the window with the best signal  – sometimes that made it better, most of the time it didn’t.  Once we found the best solution, we moved to another location and the problem started all over again. We even bit the bullet and bought an expensive cellular booster. Problem solved? Not exactly. Boosters solve one problem but at the same time, they create another.

If this sounds familiar to you, then you know that every time we changed our wifi connection (RV park wifi, phone hotspot, MiFi device) we had to change the network settings on all our connected devices in our RV (smart TVs, Roku devices, wifi printer, etc).  We quickly learned that we needed a router, similar to the router we had in our sticks-and-bricks, to solve the problem.

Thinking about this challenge caused us to think “out of the box” or in this case, “the RV”.  We started to think about how first responders; Police, Fire & EMTs.  How do they stay connected?  We soon had our answer- Cradlepoint.  Cradlepoint is the #1 provider of First Responder grade mobile cellular routers, and they’re based in the USA.  In fact, they are one of the few mobile router manufacturers that local, state, and federal governments can use because they’re not “made in China”. 

In reality, Cradlepoint was only half of the answer.  Even the best mobile routers need to be paired with a great cellular antenna. There are so many antenna types and manufacturers to choose from, this is where 30+ years of experience helps.  After reviewing several possibilities, we landed on Parsec Technologies.  Parsec is building the best of breed, 5G ready cellular antennas.  Solution providers have been turning to Parsec to solve the most challenging connectivity issues.  After meeting with Parsec Technologies and seeing their “Made in the USA” manufacturing facility, we knew we had the right antenna partner.


FIRST - What is this "MiMo" Thing?

MiMo is defined as multiple-input and multiple-output.  It is a method for multiplying the capacity of a radio link using multiple transmission and receiving antennas to exploit multipath propagation.  In the case of a cellular router, this means that the router has multiple antennas to better use the signal.

As an example, if a router has 4x LTE MiMo, it has 4 antenna inputs that can receive more cellular channels.  If it has 2x WiFi MiMo, it has 2 wifi antennas allowing the router to receive and transmit more wifi signal.

We went to work putting our theories to the test. We talked to solution providers that solve these types of challenges on a daily basis, we reviewed different Cradlepoint routers and Parsec antennas with the manufacturers to pair the right antenna with the right router.

We also wanted our customers to have first-class technical support.  We found many companies charge extra for their technical support.  We are including one hour of premiere set-up as well as a full 12-months of first class technical support.

The other part of the challenge was to bring these solutions to RV’ers at a competitive price. There are lots of cheaper imitations but, making best in class products available at competitive prices required a lot of work by us and our partners. We are working with one of Cradlepoint’s largest partners to bring this to the RV owner market.


We are initially going to offer 3 distinct solution packages. Each package is designed to address the needs of different RV lifestyles. We are anxious to elicit your feedback and we will continually work to enhance and improve our solutions.  All packages are set-up prior to shipping and include:


These mobile routers will work right out of the box if all you need is to connect to a RV park wifi or your phone’s hotspot – or use your current data only SIM card.  But you can’t just take any SIM card and install it in these mobile routers.  You must have a SIM that supports a “data only” plan.  There are many plans available through all the major carriers (Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Cricket, etc). 

If you need a data plan SIM, we’ve partnered with a data plan provider that will provide an unlimited AT&T cellular data plan for $115 per month.  You can accomplish this in one of two ways:

  1.  When you place your order for one of our packages, just select “add AT&T data plan”.  For a small setup fee, your AT&T SIM card will be loaded into your new router and ready to go when your package arrives.
  2.  Order your AT&T SIM from this link: _______.  Your SIM will be shipped to your address and ready to be installed and activated with your new router.

If you would like to purchase a data plan from one of the other providers, we suggest you take a look at the Mobile Internet Resource Center.  Chris and Cherie live and breathe mobile internet!  They have a great website for your research, and they update their findings regarding data plans for RVers on a regular basis.  Chris & Cherie have allowed us to pass along a $5 discount on their Mobile Internet Afficianato (MIA) membership.  Just enter this code: __________.

  • 150-M modem
  • 2x LTE
  • 2x WiFi (2.4 Ghz)
  • GPS
  • 2 SIM slots
  • 600-M modem
  • 2x LTE
  • 2x WiFi (2.4/5 Ghz)
  • GPS
  • 2 SIM slots
  • 1200-M modem (expandable)
  • 2x LTE
  • 6x WiFi (2.4/5 Ghz)
  • GPS
  • 2 SIM slots


The ‘Stay Connected’ package is designed for those that need to stay connected while they’re on the road. Email, internet banking & keeping up with family are an essential part of every RVer’s day-to-day life. We’ve all learned that living on the road presents challenges, one of which is finding good internet. We’ve designed this package for the budget-conscious RVer that wants to use cellular data as their primary internet source, but are frustrated with indoor-only hotspots and routers.  We know that RV park WiFi is usually not up to the challenge, but if it is, Cradelpoint’s IBR 600c will allow you to connect to it via WiFi-as-WAN with the included dipole antennas.  The IBR 600c has two SIM card slots and provides 2x Mimo, 2x WiFi and GPS connections.  Cellular service can be spotty in some locations. For this package, we have paired the Cradlepoint IBR 600c with the roof-mounted Parsec Doberman antenna. We’ve configured the Doberman with 2x Mimo and GPS, and it’s 5G ready.   It supports all of the key cellular frequencies across all the cellular providers.  This package has been designed to keep people connected!

MSRP: $000

Your Cost: $000


The ‘Power RVer’ package is meant for those who live and work on the road. Whether you are running your own business or working a corporate gig, you need to be connected. After work, you want to watch your favorite YouTube channels or stream TV or movies. This package has been designed to provide you with the capability to do both. We have paired Cradlepoint’s best selling router, the IBR 900, with Parsec’s 5:1 Doberman antenna. The Doberman is a high gain antenna with MIMO (multiple input, multiple output) capabilities that maximizes cellular and WiFi throughput. The IBR 900 is configured with a CAT-12 modem and offers dual SIM capabilities so you can use 2 different cellular companies to load balance, or as a backup.  Additionally, we are outfitting the Doberman with WiFi antennas, allowing you to connect to an outside WiFi source such as an RV park or your phone hotspot (WiFi as WAN).  The Doberman antenna will give you outstanding WiFi coverage inside and outside your RV.

MSRP: $000

Your Cost: $000


Our Professional Package is meant for the RVer that works full time from their RV and needs a “never fail” internet signal to work from.  It utilizes the ‘Top of the Line’ IBR 1700. The 1700 is Cradlepoints’ flagship router for first responders and other rugged environments and can be expanded to add a second modem.  It sports a CAT-12 modem and can be upgraded to add a second CAT-18 modem.  This router will accept 2 SIM cards, and with an additional modem you can have up to 4 SIMs, allowing you to load balance between multiple cellular carriers.  The 1700 comes standard with 2x MiMo and 6x WiFi, but add the second modem and it has 6x LTE and 6x WiFi.  We have included Parsec’s top of the line Husky antenna, and have configured the Husky as a 7:1 antenna (4x LTE, 2x WiFi & GPS), allowing you to install 2 additional dipole indoor wifi antennas,  giving maximum flexibility to leverage your router’s capabilities –  connecting WiFi as a WAN and broadcasting your WiFi network inside and outside your RV.

MSRP: $000

Your Cost: $000

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