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Change in Our Blog and Website

We want to thank all who have subscribed to our blog.  We realize that we haven’t been updating the blog as much as we want – or should, but we’ve been busy building our new website!

As our YouTube channel continues to grow we find that more and more people are interested in our journey and we seem to get the same questions many times over.  In addition, we are finding that we’re building a community of awesome people that want to interact with us and each other.  For those reasons we’ve decided it’s time to keep our community informed through a website.

While in western Washington we met a full time family that watched a video about us on Trent and Siobhan’s channel.
Hal and Randi are friends with Trent and Siobhan and approached us while at the RV park and we quickly became good friends.  It turns out that they were traveling to eastern Washington about the same time we were, so we were able to hang out with them for a few more weeks.

Hal owns a graphics design and print business ( and he was able to set us up with some graphics for our 5th wheel and car.  He also helped us build our new website….he’s been an amazing blessing!

For all of you that have subscribed to our blog we want to let you know that starting Monday, September 2nd, we’ll be moving the blog over to our new website.  The web address won’t change, but the subscriptions won’t follow to the new site.  If you want to continue to receive emails about our new blog posts, please visit the new website ( and enter your information.  We’ve also added some additional information on our site concerning our vehicles and resource information about RV memberships and websites.

We want to thank all of you for your comments and support over the last year.  We’ve learned a lot and made quite a few new friends.  As we continue on this journey we find that it’s the awesome people that we meet and interact with that make it all worthwhile.  We’ve never met some of you in person, but feel a true friendship has evolved through our communication – and hopefully we’ll be able to get together on the road.

Thanks to all that have subscribed and become part of this wonderful community!  We’ve got some exciting things coming up and we can’t wait to share with you.