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2020 YouTube Meetup in the Desert!

As most of you know we’ve been planning on getting together with our YouTube community in Quartzsite, Arizona during the RV tent show. Quartzsite, as we’ve discovered, is a small town near the Arizona – California border on Interstate 10 with about 3,700 full time residents and hosts a HUGE RV show every January….what better time to get together with a bunch of friends!

We partnered with two of our YouTube friends JonesN2Travel and Papa Drew’s RV to put together a meetup in the desert. We’ve been planning this meetup for a number of months and it’s finally here! The official dates are January 17 – 20, 2020, but we got here early to make sure we could get enough desert dirt to handle multiple RVs.

We don’t have a schedule of events except a Pot Luck Dinner on Saturday night January 18th at 6:00PM. Bring your favorite dish as well as eating utensils, favorite beverage and chairs. We’ve got a pretty large fire pit ready and if you plan to sit around the fire please bring firewood to feed the fire. The RV spaces are nothing more than desert dirt and rocks without hookups, so be ready to boondock. If you need advice on boondocking in Quartzsite – take a look at our latest video.

We really appreciate all of our friends that we’ve met along our journey. That’s what we love about this lifestyle – the new friends we get to meet along the way. Come out and join us for the day or a week….there’s plenty of room! Hope to see you here.

Coordinates:  N 33 45 32.1, W 114 11 16.5